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Our mission is to advance the goal of achieving 100% of new car sales of light utility vehicles, (passenger cars, SUVs, trucks) in California by the year 2030.

We are out of time to take small steps to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. That we must act boldly to change our trajectory. And we need a goal in order to get there.​

ZEV2030 seeks to be a unifying voice around phasing out fossil fuel cars as quickly as possible, starting with a singular focus on the goal of 100% sales of zero emission vehicles in California by 2030. 

Building The Consensus

ZEV2030 is building a large and diverse group of individuals, companies, and organizations that support the goal that by 2030 in California 100% of new vehicle sales will be zero emission vehicles. The larger this group becomes, the more likely we will get the attention of policy makers and others who can clear roadblocks and help achieve this goal. We urge you to sign our pledge now. 

One of the challenges to widespread support of ZEVs, is changing the current paradigm that electric vehicles are only for true believers, to one that ZEVs are not only an improved mode of automobile transportation (when that is necessary) but an economical and realistic climate solution that offers to make California a leader in clear car technology and manufacturing. 

ZEV2030 provides a constant communication stream that factually supports the feasibility of achieving a 2030 goal by using this website (see News) as well as social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, ZEV2030 distills and shares the best articles about the pace of zero emission vehicles development, their benefits and declining costs, and why a 2030 goal is attainable. Working with our partners and supporters, we encourage active participation in the dialog online and offline about how to accelerate ZEV adoption in California.

Renewable Energy Advocacy

To simply transition to electric vehicles is not enough. Part of the discussion of transportation electrification must be about renewable energy because EVs are charged with an energy source. Until renewable energy is the standard in the U.S. and the world, ZEV2030 will continue to advocate for the transition to renewable energy.


The climate crisis is here and it's time to demand bold action. 

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