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Press Release: City of Los Angeles Calls on California to Adopt 100% ZEV Standard by 2030

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today the City of Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the State of California to adopt a 100% Zero Emission Vehicle standard for new vehicle sales by 2030. Los Angeles is now the largest city in the world to officially support a complete transition to our clean car future within the decade.

The Resolution, authored by Los Angeles Councilmembers Nithya Raman and Paul Koretz, can be found HERE.

“Today we have made it clear: it’s time for California to accelerate our transition to clean cars by 2030,” said Councilmember Raman. “Too many Angelenos are exposed to unhealthy vehicle emission levels, while those same emissions cause a climate crisis all around us. Los Angeles is ready to act, and we call on California to join us.”

“The number of climate-exacerbated floods and wildfires in the last two months alone is absolutely staggering,” said Councilmember Koretz. “If you have lung cancer, you stop smoking, if your planet is on fire, you stop pouring gasoline on it. Stopping building new gas cars tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon. And very soon electric vehicles will cost less than gas guzzlers.”

“Transportation accounts for approximately 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions. If we’re going to be serious in addressing the climate emergency, we need to be serious about transitioning to 100% Zero Emission Vehicles as quickly as possible,” said Doug Linney, the Founder of ZEV2030. “Other countries are on pace to phase out dirty cars by 2025, so 2030 is more than realistic. I’m grateful that the City of Los Angeles, California’s largest city, has taken this historic step. It’s now up to California to make the leap to our clean car future.”

The ZEV 2030 resolution notes:

“Angelenos – particularly those who face socioeconomic and health inequities – are daily affected by the health and safety risks of air pollution resulting from the widespread use of gasoline-powered vehicles within Los Angeles. … Widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles will reduce air and climate pollution, resulting in healthier air for all Angelenos and saving lives.”

The City of Los Angeles resolution is the 11th passed by a California city or public agency, following similar resolutions passed by the cities of Berkeley, Culver City, Hayward, Mountain View, Oakland, Richmond, and San Leandro, and by three community energy providers, Marin Clean Energy, East Bay Community Energy, and Silicon Valley Clean Energy.

For more information on the ZEV2030 campaign, please visit

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